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Announcement : Become Ether Trade Asia’s Member by Depositing 0.1 Ether also

Dear Users,

We are Pleased to announce that you can become our member by depositing 0.1 Ether also. The Policy has been revised for the people you want to join us with minimum amount. Ether Trade Asia is one of the largest growing communities in Ether Market. We at Ether Trade Asia make sure to cater all the customer perseverance to achieve their goal.

Previously we had a policy that clients had to deposit 1 or 0.5 Ether to become our members. But now we have come up with this new plan which gives you an edge to join us by putting 0.1 Ether too.

This new approach will help our Founders vision to accomplish Ether Trade Asia’s Goal of becoming the No.1 name in Ether Trading.